Why gold wedding rings?

Beautiful and expensive things will always surprise us no matter how eager we are to discover everything about them. Assuredly, gold is one of the most interesting metals we use, buy and get excited about. Gold represents power, beauty and, why not, love and life-bounding. It incorporates style and talks about fashion without saying a word. Gold is more than a jewellery material, is a self-contained attitude. A veritable personality. But, even if we are aware of all these things, there is always more to know about gold. Always something surprising.






This metal has received the name “gold” for a good reason: the word comes from Old English and it means “ yellow” (and the Aztec word for gold, “teocuitatl” is translated by the Europeans as “excrement of the gods”; the Latin name is “aurum” which is “shining dawn” or “glow of sunrise”). Gold can be found on each of the 7 continents and 80% of it is still buried somewhere underground and 10 billion tons lays in the oceans. Until today, 161 000 tons of it has been mined, 73% of it has been extracted since 1910. And 2/3 of the world’s gold comes come from South Africa and India is the biggest consumer of gold today.





A standard gold bar is 7″ by 3 and 5/8″ by 1 and 3/4″ and the most expensive gold coin is the Double Eagle (1933) sold in New York in 2002 for $7.59 million. 2,063 degrees Fahrenheit is the melting point of gold and the absolutely pure one is so soft that it can be moulded with bare hands (it is a known fact that gold is one of the most malleable and ductile metal). Until 1912, the Olympic medals were pure gold and even if it is buried for 1000 years, gold will still be shining. Gold is 19,3 times as heavy as water: for example, one cubic meter weights 19 300 kg.

And if we listen to the scientists, we might find gold on Mars, Mercury or Venus. Until then, enjoy our beautiful earthly gold.

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