How to choose the metal for your bridal jewellery

111With so many different styles of ring to choose from it’s difficult to know where to start when choosing a wedding or engagement ring.  Many people get hung up over small details like the style of the ring, whether it has a pattern on it or not, and what kind of diamonds and gemstones they would like set into it (if any).  It’s important not to forget that the most important decision you will make when choosing a ring is what type of metal it is made from.

The type of metal that you choose will not only affect the appearance of the ring but also its longevity, feel, value and more.  Here are a few things to consider before choosing which metal you want for your bridal jewellery.

Budget – There’s no point setting your heart on an expensive platinum wedding ring if your budget isn’t able to stretch that far.  Decide your budget and then do your research and see what kind of metal you will be able to afford before you start browsing rings to avoid disappointment.  You can still get stunning engagement and wedding rings in cheaper metals like silver and gold.

Hypo-allergenic – If you have ever found yourself allergic to a piece of jewellery then it’s important to ensure that you choose a ring in a hypo-allergenic metal to avoid disappointment later down the line, the last thing you want is to find that you’re allergic to your precious wedding ring!

Intrinsic value – The price and value of different metals rises and falls according to supply and demand.  Generally the purer a metal is the rarer it will be and the more value it will hold.  If you want a ring that will hold its value over time then you will need to pay a little more and invest in a more pure and precious metal.

Durability – Wedding and engagement rings are the most important pieces of jewellery that you’re ever likely to own, therefore you want to choose a very durable metal that is not going to scratch or dent easily.  The more scratched your ring gets the more of its value it will lose.  Different metals react differently to bumps and scratches, when you scratch jewellery made from gold it can chip away small pieces of metal, whilst the same scratch on a more durable metal like platinum will simply ripple the surface of the metal.

Feel – You’re going to be wearing your engagement and wedding rings for many years so it’s important to try on a ring made from the metal of your choice and make sure that you’re happy with the way it feels on your finger.  Very solid metals like platinum will feel considerably heavier on your finger than lighter metals like silver and gold.

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