4 Ways you can protect wedding and engagement rings

Your wedding band and engagement ring mean the world to you so it’s perfectly natural you have the overwhelming urge to protect them at all costs. Lose your rings or damage them beyond repair and quite rightly, you’ll be broken hearted.

Let’s not think about that horrible scenario, with love and care a ring from HS Jewellers will last a lifetime. Take appropriate measures and there’s no reason why your rings should encounter any problems, we suggest you try these ideas to keep your jewellery safe and protected at all times.

Insure the ring – Obviously you don’t want to lose the ring but this might happen, you could be the victim of a theft for instance and need adequate cover in place. Your home insurance might not cover the true replacement cost of the ring so take out a private policy that matches the value of the ring like-for-like. Then if the unthinkable happens at least you can replace the ring even though it won’t be the same jewellery item.

Take care where you remove it – If you take your ring off to use a hand wash in a public loo make sure you put the ring on again afterwards. Sure, you don’t want sticky soap all over your rings but neither do you want to lose the rings either. Think RWR when you wash hands in public. Remove rings, Wash hands and remember to Replace rings afterwards.

See a jeweller from time to time – Visit your jewellers at least once a year to perform a little maintenance on your rings. Jewellers will clean the rings professionally and they can tighten the settings on diamond engagement rings to prevent precious stones working their way loose.      

Store it safely – If you talk your rings off to play sport or tackle messy jobs around the home keep them in a safe place. A locker at a leisure centre or a secure spot within your bedroom is ideal, use a soft lined jewellery box or you could use a home safe if you have this type of security feature fitted. As long as you know where the rings are and you know they are safe you can get on with your tasks without worrying.

Let us know your top tips for caring for rings, we’re always interested in our customer’s opinions at HS Jewellers.

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